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An engaged eLearning platform like no other

Train, track, and report with the only eLearning platform your organisation needs. Join Business Training-TV and enjoy immediate access and free ongoing support from our friendly team.

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Engaged Learning

Training is designed to encourage active participation, increase learner retention and satisfaction, and get measurable business results.

Audit Trail

A verifiable trail of evidence and thorough documentation of all training and trainees gives you proof that training has been provided with in depth reporting.

Course Builder Included

Our easy-to-use Course Builder comes free with Business Training-TV and lets you create original and engaging courses specifically for your organisation including the ability to utilise our content within your own bespoke courses.

Pre-Built and Customisable Courses

Choose from our vast library of more than 100 pre-built live-action video courses to get training instantly, or – train your way! – create bespoke courses to suit your organisation’s DNA with more than 1000 live-action video chapters and related quizzes.

Anti-Cheating and Photo Verification

Our exclusive trainee photo verification feature provides proof that trainees have undergone training, and randomised quizzes help to ensure learner participation, engagement and prevent cheating.

Support & Training

From system setup and configuration to initial training and technical support every step of the way; our friendly team is here to provide free ongoing assistance for all your needs.

Team Scheduling and Lesson Planning

Save time by organising trainees into relevant groups and creating Lesson Plans that schedule training automatically at predetermined intervals.

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