Providing comprehensive, relevant, and accessible training to all members of your organisation is essential for operational success.

Training features include:

Course Builder Included

Course Builder Included

Our easy-to-use Course Builder comes free with Business Training-TV and lets you create original and engaging courses specifically for your organisation. We put the power to create courses back into your hands, with no advanced knowledge required to build bespoke courses. React quickly and dynamically to the ever-changing needs of the modern workplace.

Pre-built and Customisable Courses

Pre-built and Customisable Courses

Choose from our vast library of more than 100 pre-built live-action video courses to get training instantly, or – train your way! – customise courses to suit your organisation’s DNA with more than 1000 live-action video chapters and related quizzes.

Huge Course Library

Huge Course Library

From Workplace Wellness to Safety and HR, for interns and trainees to supervisors and managers, our massive library of live-action video courses has the training for you!




All of our courses are created in accordance with the local terms, policies, and legislations of the individual regions we operate in, including:

  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Belgium-France
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium-Dutch
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Canadian French
  • United Kingdom
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Business Training-TV makes it easy to bring new people on board and get them up to speed with your organisation’s practices and procedures.

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