It’s vital for anyone operating a forklift to complete practical training and acquire the relevant licences and certificates. Following which, forklift video eLearning courses can expand upon that training and help manage forklift risks in the workplace.


Tragically, there have been 12 forklift-related deaths in UK workplaces in the past two years. Furthermore, over 1,300 forklift-related injuries occurred in the last year, or about five workers everyday suffering life-changing injuries. All of which could have been prevented.


Not only can forklift incidents have significant health and well-being consequences, but also potentially serious financial outcomes as well.


For starters, it’s not unusual for a serious incident to exceed £50,000 as a result of direct and indirect costs. To clarify, this can include compensation and medical expenses, investigations, legal fees, and lost time, worker, and productivity costs. It all adds up.


Furthermore, it’s often several weeks or longer before an individual can return to work following a serious forklift-related injury.


In the light of those facts, while workplace training is often subject to time and money considerations, safety shouldn’t be. So, provide vital forklift training in an efficient, engaging way, with our new Forklift Safe Operations video eLearning course.

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Our brand-new forklift video eLearning course will help cultivate proactive forklift safety practices and behaviours in your workplace.


Forklift Safe Operations covers:

  • Safety Checks
  • Travelling & Traffic Controls
  • The Operating Environment
  • Lifting and Moving Loads
  • Forklift Attachments
  • Parking the Forklift; and
  • Refuelling & Recharging
Business Training-TV Forklift Safe Operations

Our forklift video eLearning courses allow your people to train at their own pace. As a result, they each get the time they require to properly comprehend the training, which helps avoid incidents later.


Most important, understanding can help develop leaders in your organisation with the confidence to recognise and respond to red flags.


In addition, detailed reports and photo verification provide management with demonstrable evidence that training was supplied, and learners underwent evaluation.


All in all, forklifts are extremely valuable for, and often essential to, the daily operations of countless organisations. But they also carry significant risk if workers take a complacent attitude towards them.


Therefore, it must be remembered, safety around forklifts is always top priority.


We also have a new “Forklift Stability” video eLearning course Coming Soon…


Learn more about our Forklift Safe Operations video eLearning course and other engaging forklift safety eLearning titles in our library. And discover how you can utilise Business Training-TV in your organisation or training environment.

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